Wet Piss

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Temat: Jak zachowujecie balans miedzy graniem na elektryku a ciszą.
" />okkk koniec dawania fory, bo za długi ten beef!

<Bit skradziony z kawałka NERD - Everyone's Nose>
<bang, bang>

Fjasz & homies waiting in the line for the bathroom ;/ | x8

I piss on wut U say
cuz I'm wlkn' gangsta way!
Ur so weak, trying play Jay(Z)
But that wouldn't be OK ;/
Kinda scarry? Shout "mayday"?
Gangsa Mystic gone insane?
Better play some lazlo bane
Homie, gotta fear in veins ;/

<szybki rap ala' twista>
Fjasz and his dawgs 're begging for revenge
Tryin' carry up too much, now laying on gym bench
Hearing fat punches, bad match, it's too intense
To fast for U kid, eject, wait and insert...
Homie goin' home, mystic still playin' concerts
And loosers still hating, with wet pants ;/ needing oven
I't blows creepy climate like in fourth omen
Cuz U can't win this beef, U know the game is over!

-= Don't hate the Playerz, hate the Game! =-
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